Oil Disasters And The Negative Impact On The World And Its Inhabitants

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Morgan T. Bishop J. Lindberg English 1102 19 March 2015 Oil Disasters and the Negative Impact to the World and Its Inhabitants Oil is considered to be a vital resource in the world today. Such material is used for a variety of reasons, ranging from the gas used in automobiles to the generation of electricity in one’s household. According to Congressional Digest, forty percent of the Nation’s energy comes from oil (Effects of Oil Spills on Wildlife 168). One problem that arises with the world being so dependent on this substance is oil moving through pipelines from one country to another. This problem has made the spilling of oil rather unavoidable. These spills are dangerous, for they jeopardize the well-being of innocent wildlife, our…show more content…
As the harmful elements of the oil begin to settle into the depths of the water, it is likely to settle on and sink into the skin and fur of these animals. This is dangerous because it irritates the skin leaving open wounds, which can eventually cause infection and become life altering to these creatures (Effects of Oils Spills on Wildlife 170). The oil is also threatening to mammals as they consume their food. If their prey has been contaminated by oil, the animal is then digesting the oil which can cause immune system damage, organ damage, and possibly result in fatality. The death of these animals in essence causes problems for the remainder of the animals that survive, such as a lack of food and a lower reproduction rate. The ecosystem is also greatly affected by oil spills. On average 24,000 oil spills are reported to happen in the United States every year. The spilling of the oil puts the health and safety of the general public at risk. The water becomes contaminated meaning oxygen is unable to be absorbed into the water, fires are more likely to occur, the quality of the air humans breathe decreases significantly, and it demolishes the food and habitat of animals. According to the website Mother Nature Network, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in April of 2010, resulted in the endangerment of ten different species. The Brown

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