Oil Exploration Should Be Banned

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This house believes oil exploration should be banned Proposing the motion: the case of the Arctic For over twenty thousand years the Arctic has been inhibited by human life. The Arctic territory comprises of eight states: Sweden, Norway, the Russian Federation, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and the United States, with a population surpassing four million people. It is estimated that 22% of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas reserve is located in the arctic (United States Geological Survey, 2008). Such a large potential energy supply causes inevitable dispute with respect to its extraction. As the tundra biome is melting faster than ever before, oil companies are moving northward to exploit valuable oil reserves; however exploration in the area fails to protect or enhance such a large population’s quality of life. Instead, oil exploration causes irreversible changes to the landscape, disturbs ecosystems and carries In 1960 the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was established in northeastern Alaska, now comprising of 19.6 million acres of land in the most biologically diverse region of the Arctic. Currently, the “1002” area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is protected from development, yet as global energy demand increases, places once thought of as inaccessible, or too expensive to exploit are now at the forefront of plans for exploration. The Republican party of the United States hopes to reduce dependence on imported oil and views the ANWR as suitable oil
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