Oil Has Been Used By Domestic And Foreign Governments On The Development Of The Middle East

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Oil has been used by domestic and foreign governments in the development of the Middle East both domestically and in foreign policy since 1940 by using it as a bartering item because it is such a valid and precious resource that can fuel homes, towns, and countries. The Middle East has had many ups and downs throughout its development as a country, but its abundant supply of oil made it a country that outsiders wanted to either friend or control. The D’Arcy Concession in the early 1900’s were rights created for the people of the D’Arcy, to search and dig for oil within Iran. When given this opportunity they found
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There was no competition to lower their asking price. Soon to follow in the mid 1970’s, was an oil embargo. This embargo presented the first oil shock. Immediately OAPEC proclaimed the embargo. Anwar el-Sadat, the third president of Egypt played a role during this time. He reigned from 1970 until the early 1980’s. As a member of the free officers who overthrew King Farouk in an Egyptian revolution during the 1950’s, Anwar el-Sadat reinstituted a multiparty system creating a domino effect leading to the October war. All Palestinian efforts were abandoned, and he was opposed by PLO and the Muslim Brotherhood. This alienation also included him getting kicked out of the Arab league which was in the early 1980’s. This then resulted in the United States involvement in the October War. As retaliation to the OAPEC the United Stated decided to supply those affected unjustly by this embargo with arms. The October War is also known as the Yom Kippur war. The countries mainly involved at this time were Israel, Egypt and Syria, and Egypt had an additional end goal to claim the Sinai Peninsula.
Though there were multiple conflicts in the fight to gain power of the oil in the Middle East this helped to strengthen the Middle East. It turned their country from being seen as a stereotypical dried up desert to being seen as a rich and prosperous advantage to those in alliance with it. Oil provided the Middle East to have a voice in trading systems. Everyone needed oil
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