Oil Industry And Its Effects On The Economy

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On the other hand, A-sources inform about the Nigerian and the suffering they are going through because of the oil production. “The rapid expansion of the oil sector has stymied the development of other parts of the economy.” (Hill 88) Nigerian people who survived on agriculture economy were affected the most because of the oil pollution. Extracting oil hurts the environment a lot by creating pollution in the soil and waters due to oil spills. Therefore, agriculture decreased and many people were left without harvest to sell and others lost their job in the cultivating industry. Many Nigerians were left unemployed due to the decrease of agricultural economy and the small amount of jobs offered in the oil industry. Many were left to find…show more content…
The answer to the question can only be solved through the articles and the background research. In the articles one can spot from the information given and the opinion of the people are all supporters of the oil industry. In the article written by William Wallis, the title shows the audience the reporter is calling. “Nigeria: The big oil fix” goes into detail how the oil industry is in need of fixing. The audience who just reads the article will agree with the data provided because it gives details about fraud and corruption. In the article, the president states his main concern, which is “fixing the company that manages the lifeblood of the economy – oil” which could make or break his presidency. Through this statement one can see how Nigeria is dependent on oil. Unfortunately, this article does not talk about the corruption that affects the people as well as the background information about the oil industry. An example of how the oil production is the cause of Nigeria’s state is doing the opposite of helping the country is seen through the A-source in the Review of African Political Economy. In this book, there is a section where it specifically gives information about the Ogoni and how the oil production affected them. Even though Ogoniland has made billions of dollars in oil
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