Oil Industry

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Oil Industry
Steven Gomez
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The oil companies of today’s societies are bigger than from the past and have been making the news worldwide. These companies have been growing and trying to lease more property across the country in order to keep making money. “While the oil and gas industry argue that for expanded access to federal land, they sit on over 29 million acres of unused federal oil and gas leases.” (Elizabeth Lopez, Hill Briefing- Oil and Gas Effects 2011). January 10, 1901 the big oil boom started for Texas. (Mary G. Ramos,Texas Almanac 2000) That’s where it all started, and has grown to a monster of a business since then. Many people from back in those
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The local fisherman and other workers in the area were affected deeply, not to mention the crew of the rig that exploded. With these companies being given free will of drilling for oil and gas causes a big enviromental issue and is a disaster waiting to happen again. Yes, we need to drill for oil and gas to survive as a country. At the same time, we need to make sure we’re taking all the precautions and doing it safely. It needs to be regulated better and watched very close as to make sure no one is taking shortcuts. These companies have a lease that states they only have the land for a certain amount of time. When that time is getting close to ending and a company hasn’t finished drilling they start to hurry and that is when they make mistakes. The enviroment is not going to be able to handle all the drilling and oil spills everytime it happens. People for the next few years will be skeptical of these companies for their mistakes in the past and hopefully the enviroment where the spill occurred will bounce back soon.

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