Oil Industry: John D. Rockefeller And Ellen Degeneres

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Tycoons of the Industry There are many “Industrial Tycoons” nowadays, but few compare to some of the great Entrepreneurs many years before. During the year 1870 the oil company, Standard Oil, was created to help heat people’s home’s, keep trains running, and provide light. John D. Rockefeller, the creator of this Oil company, was one of the greatest Industry Tycoons of all time, another great industry tycoon is Ellen Degeneres. Ellen has done a great amount in a short period of time. Both of these people have done great things, and kept people interested. John D. Rockefeller and Ellen Degeneres both had to work extremely hard to get to where they ended up. Rockefeller’s father was a con man who left for long periods of time and spent
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