Oil Informative Speech

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We all know about energy sources, but I am about to tell stuff that you probably didn’t know before about oil. The oil we pump to the surface is a mixture of gasoline, kerosene, light weigh5 lubricating oil, motor oil, tars, paraffins, waxes, asphalt, sand, dirt, aromatics, and dead cockroaches. Plus oils have a high carbon and hydrogen content and are usually flammable and slippery.

Approximately 50% of oil is used for transportation industry, And the united states has over 200,000 miles of oil pipelines. Oil has been used for over 5,000 years. The united states has over 200,000 miles of oil so if oil was not to be made then all that medal will be underground just sitting there and that is bad for the earth, and animals that are living
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The crude oil is a combination of a lot of different chemicals, ranging from light gasoline types of fuels to waxes and tars. When you heat the crude oil, the gasoline and diesel oil boil off pretty early. Unfortunately, the mineral oil, paraffin, wax and tar molecules are all hooked up with each other, and it's not so easy to separate them from each other. Also, the crude oil contains the aforementioned aromatics, which are quite bad in your oil: they are very reactive, and when oxidized they cause all kinds of problems. Refining oil means trying to remove the bad stuff, while leaving the good stuff. The more bad stuff we remove, the better the oil works.

The simplest way to refine oil is to process it with a clay, a material a lot like kitty litter. The clay will soak up much of the aromatics and sulphur and nitrogen compounds. Then, you dilute the oil with solvent like MEK (Methyl-Ethyl-Ketone) and/or Toluene (that's the stuff in model airplane glue that's so popular with teenagers), and freeze the oil. The good stuff will mostly stay liquid, and the waxes will solidify and can then be filtered out. This clay-solvent refining process has been around since about 1930.

So now I probably just blowed everyone's mind and I hope that this stuff tough you more about oil and it’s
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