Oil Is A Natural Resource Obtained By Drilling Underground

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Oil is a natural resource obtained by drilling underground. It is used in a variety of ways in our daily lives; heating our homes, running automobiles, and being used as the topic of a college report.It has multiple roles in our daily lives being involved in heating our homes, running automobiles and providing a topic for college students to write a report on. Many parts of crude oil are not harmful to the environment but some parts of it are (4) It is composed of hydrocarbons. which naturally occur in nature, which means that there are naturally occurring microorganisms with the ability to break down these hydrocarbons. (8) That being the case, when large quantities of oil are unnaturally released into the environment it needs to be cleaned up in a timely manner so as to lessen the impact on animals living in the environment. Sometimes accidents happen and oil is spilt across the natural landscape, whether onwhethereither on land or in the ocean. Since the 1970’s the occurrence of oil spills has decreased (13) but there are still around 14,000 spills in the United States each year (1). When spills like these occur we as humans have a moral obligation to clean them up. This leads to the question of how to go about the task. Currently, there are multiple ways to cleanse oil from marine environments, one of the many places where these disasters have occurred. The oil can be dealt with through the use of a variety of booms, which are floating devices that manipulate any

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