Oil Is The Lifeblood Of The Modern World

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When the Oil Runs Out Oil is the lifeblood of the modern world. Oil is a form of fossil fuel, which includes coal and natural gas. There are household items like clothing, ink, crayons, pillows, shoes, electrical tape, etc. We use oil for not only fuel, but also various types of plastics, synthetic materials, and chemical products (ConocoPhillips 2016). From the article written by Robert Lamb, it says, in 2009, oil wells around the world pumped 84 to 85 million barrels out of the Earth and countries consumed just as much. [Source EIA]. Can you think what could happen if we ran out of oil? In October of 2014, the International Business Times created an article stated that according to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, there are 1.3 trillion barrels of proven oil that is reserved and is left in the world’s major fields, which at present rates of consumption should last only 40 years (Lambo 1998-2016). There are ways we can reduce our intake on oil by using less oil than we need. We can use alternative energy that is renewable like wind, water, solar, and other renewable energy technologies.
It took nearly hundreds of millions of years to create the world oil reserves. In less than a century, before oil became the commodity on which the world is power turned. The article written by Robert Lamb, states that before the gradual downfall begins, we can reach a point known as peak oil. Imagine a carafe filled with coffee. Pour cup after cup without effort until the stream of
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