Oil Painting, The Unknown: Robert Bean

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The Unknown
As I walked to The Art museum to observe a few of the art work. There were many canvases, but one particular canvas that caught my attention was an oil painting. The oil painted canvas is of a realistic mysterious woman and a phonograph, by the artist named Robert Bean. The woman shown in this painting has short dark brown hair with a long black beautiful one shoulder dress; her skin color is very light that gives that beautiful glow. Her long black dress has a mixture of dark blue and white. She is standing with her arms semi-crossed with one hand holding a small white fan. The small fan has a design of brown flowers. She is standing sideways on the right of the canvas with a piece of light green fabric around her arms; the light green material has a tent of light blue and
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The majestic and mysterious masquerade ball was the inspiration of this painting. The masquerade ball was developed in Europe in the 14th and 15th century; masquerade balls were held for the high class in the century of the Renaissance. The elegancy in costumes and masks in the masquerade ball inspired the painting as the result of the woman with the mask and a beautiful one shoulder black dress.
In my opinion, this work of art was truly amazing with the touch of darkness, mystery, and elegancy. The artist used the color mixture very well for that old antique look. The artist did very well in painting the background black and the woman black dress to distinguish the dress apart from the background. The phonograph is also distinguished from the background by painting white around the device. It gives that feeling of romance and darkness at the same time. The painting leaves the viewers of wanting more which the artist should had incorporated more things rather than just the woman and the phonograph. In the end, the masterpiece is absolutely amazing with a touch of the old century and modern
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