Oil Production Of Nigeria 's Niger Essay

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Final TNC paper Oil production in Nigeria’s Niger Delta began in 1956. Ever since then, the Delta communities have recognized unrest as oil was being distributed in profitable quantities. Oil has been Nigeria’s leading export product for more than six decades. Even though, oil has given Nigeria a tremendous economic boost, nearly sixty percent of that oil production has been carried out under Shell’s regulation, and during these past six decades, there has been enormous environmental degradation because of frequent oil spills and gas flaring. This has led to a polluted fish ponds and declining growth of crops in Niger communities. Shell has personally financed Nigerian militants to insure the production of oil, and this has led to brutal murders and illegal executions of community members who tried to protest the damages that shell was creating to their environment. So why and how is Shell still operating and still committing human right crimes in Nigeria? This paper will explain why Shell has dominated Nigeria since the 1950s, how the company has damaged the lives of numerous communities, insured the production of oil to this day through militant use, and still managed to separate themselves from the many years of violence that they founded. Shell Oil Company, also known as Royal Dutch Shell is an international oil company that is not only one of America 's largest oil and natural gas and gasoline producers and marketers but also amongst the largest oil companies in the
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