Oil Resources in Canada Essay

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In today’s world humans are consuming massive amounts of fossil fuels. The top five oil consuming countries in the world are the usual suspects. These include the United States, China, Japan, India and Russia. Canada comes in at number 10 with a daily consumption of 2,287 thousand barrels per day. There are three major types of fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas. These resources were formed during the Carboniferous Period 360-286 million years ago. During this time earth was covered in swamps with large amounts of plants and waters filled with algae. When these plants and trees began to die they would form layers of peat. Hundreds and thousands of years would pass adding sand and other materials on top of the…show more content…
Sub-bituminous coal is a mixture of Lignite and Bituminous. This coal has a lower sulfur content which makes it a popular choice as a cleaner burning fuel for electricity and space heating. Bituminous coal is black in color and has the second highest heating value. This coal is used primarily in electric power generation, as well as heat and power applications in the manufacturing sector. Anthracite coal is a glossy black coal. This coal has the highest heating value out of all the coal types. Anthracite is the hardest coal and is used for home heating and steel production. Canada has large coal deposits and it is their largest most abundant fossil fuel. Canada has all four types of coal which more than 90% of the deposits are located in the western provinces. Canada has an estimated 6.6 billion tons of coal that could be mined. Mining coal in Canada takes place across four different provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. In these provinces there are a total of 24 coal producing mines. British Columbia is the leading province with 10 mines in operation. The province of Alberta has a total of 9 coal mines, while Saskatchewan has 3 and Nova Scotia has 2 mines in operation. Coal mining in Canada is done by surface mining. There are two different styles of surface mining which are strip mining or open pit mining (CAC, 2013).
Mining of coal is done two different ways those are
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