Oil Sand Research Paper

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Oil Sand: The sand industry in Alberta is the biggest project in the today world. The oil sand is a naturally occurring mixture of sand, water, clay and another kind of natural resources and bitumen. Bitumen is heavy and extremely sticky oil that must be treated before it can be used to create usable fuels such as petroleum, gasoline and diesel. Alberta oil reserves play an important role in the Canadian as well as the global economy, supplying stable and reliable energy to the world. Alberta provides cheaper oil to Canada but gains profit by shipping to the United States. Moreover, oil sands development benefits all Canadian through employment opportunities and it brings significant economic and social benefits for local communities
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This is the major reason behind the land, air, water pollution with dangerous levels of the harmful chemical in northern Alberta. This results in the destruction of wildlife, polluting air, water, soil, boreal forests, Athabasca River, wetlands on northern Alberta. Rivers are polluted with toxic waste and they are running dry and it has a huge impact on lives of species due to loss of habitat. It is approximated that over 720 billion liters of toxic trailing on the landscape in the Athabasca oil sands area.
Social impact: Due to the evolution of this industry there is some social impact on sectors such as healthcare, education are inadequate and unable to meet the demand of population pressures and rising estate cost and general inflation have hurt sectors such as agriculture and industries. Moreover, the local occupants suffer the burns of the pollution and they are the recipient of the harsh behavior of the oil companies that illegally capture the lands from the locals. Thousands of employees coming from India, China and Korea etc. have to bear poor job conditions and get paid lesser than Canadian
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I would like to share my viewpoint besides this industry does have environmental side effects; we cannot overlook a number of jobs this industry is providing to the job seeker. According to environment journalists, oil refineries emit a lot of greenhouse gasses, but this scenario is also covered up with the requirement to develop further on research and development of many eco-friendly techniques for the extraction of oil from the mining.
Even, the government should establish laws and regulations to deal with the problem of greenhouse effects. They should plant the more plants and even grow double the number they chop down to establish the industry. As this provides more revenues for the federal government, even the government should play a vital role to sustain the ecological balance between environment and industry. Federal should introduce new land laws for the security of locals and proper exchange transactions
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