Oil Sands Research Paper

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Canada has the third largest oil sand deposit in the world, following Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Oil sands are not only a crucial part of today’s energy production, but they also greatly impact the politics and economy of a country. However, the oil sands take a large toll on the environment. While this massive carbon footprint can be decreased and possibly eradicated with laws and regulations, the current environmental impact is troubling. Many argue that further expansion of the oil sands will have an additional impact on the environment, therefore creating a larger carbon footprint and increasing the effects of global warming. Another aspect that is often brought up in the debate of the oil sands is their economic benefit and the impact…show more content…
However, oil has previously played a positive role in the Canadian economy, it has recently been responsible for the decrease in value of the Canadian dollar. Articles from the Globe and Mail and the CBC present opposing arguments on this matter. Both believe that change was necessary, whether that mean halting expansion on the oil sands or ensuring stricter regulations before proceeding with expansion. The Globe and Mail support the expansion of Canada’s oil sands in an opinionated article, whereas the CBC presents the need to conclude the expansion of the oil sands in Alberta in a news article. Though both the Globe and Mail article and the CBC article are discussing whether or not to continue the expansion of the oil sands, the Globe and Mail’s argument supporting the expansion of the oil sands providing a more convincing claim than the one presented in the CBC article. It effectively presents both sides of the argument and is able to dismiss the arguments made in favour of ending the expansion of the oil…show more content…
researchers say, describes why Canada should stop the expansion of the oil sands. The CBC’s article is based upon information formed by a panel of biologists, political scientists, physicists, economists and geographers. The group came to the conclusion that the oil sands expansion needs to end, though they did not call for completely halting Canada’s oil sands operations. The following is a scientific explanation as to why expansion needs to end according to the CBC, “No new oil sands or related infrastructure projects should proceed unless consistent with an implemented plan to rapidly reduce carbon pollution, safeguard biodiversity, protect human health, and respect treaty rights”. The article goes even further by bringing up the fact that Canada’s previous prime minister, Stephen Harper, agreed that by 2100, Canada will stop the use of all fossil fuels, and therefore expansion of the oil sands will be a waste of money seeing as they will no longer be prevalent in eighty years time. Furthermore, this article does not bring up or dismiss arguments supporting the expansion of oil sands, rather as the article progresses, it becomes less distinctive as to what the argument actually is. Therefore, though the sources and opinions of this article are presented without bias, they are not as consistent and less powerful than the arguments presented by the Globe and
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