Oil Shortage During The United States

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Oil Shortage in the United States In the modern day, technology alters our life better. That technology, such as cell-phones, cars, washing machines, microwaves make our life more efficient and comfortable. We can call or text our friends and family immediately or drive to their house whenever we want. Moreover, we do not need to wash cloths with our hands. Technology helps us to save a lot of time to do other things. On the other hand, these advantages make us more and more rely on technology. Actually, technology consumes a lot of energy or electricity every day. Nowadays, many countries choose to burn fossil fuel to generate electricity, such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas. The fossil fuels are limited. The website Ecotricity.co.uk claims that oil (petroleum) will run out in 2060 (“The End of”). Some people do not believe that “Peak Oil Crises” will affect their living; however, I do believe that “Peak Oil Crises” will affect our life. The article “Peak oil definition” claims that “Peak oil” means when the world petroleum productions reach the maximum level, the productions will start to decline (“The End of”). In fact, it is true. We still cannot extract petroleum infinitely because petroleum is limited, even though technology of petroleum extraction has advanced more than before. Peak Oil Crises not only affect the gasoline price and electricity rate but also affect daily commodities price. The website Top 16 Uses of Petroleum claims that “Believe it or not, some
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