Oil Spills Caused By Offshore Drilling Essay

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Oils spills caused by offshore drilling in California (Santa Barbara) Introduction: This paper is about the effects of offshore drilling particularly it discusses “oil spills caused by offshore drilling in California”. These oil spills that are caused by offshore drilling affect the environment in the long run. Even some of these impacts on the environment by oil spills last for decades (Larry West). For example when an oil slick arrives at the beach from a huge oil spill then it sticks to each grain of the sand and every rock. So if this oil is absorbed by the forests or fibrous plants etc. then it can make the whole area unsuitable for wildlife. Moreover if this oil spills stops and sinks in the surface of the water then these oil spills damage the fragile ecosystems under water and can prove extremely dangerous to marine life (Jennifer Horton). The infrastructure that is needed to transport offshore oil and drill wells is destroying. The series of walls can lead to erosion. The companies should not be allowed for offshore drilling because of its negative impacts. There are many issues regarding offshore drilling. For example if there is an accident then it can paralyze the economy because it prohibits the people from fishing (Jennifer Horton). Moreover as these oil spills are extremely dangerous for the wildlife so as a result of these oil spills people are prevented from fishing. But fishing is mainly huge source of income for many local areas. So in this way

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