Oil Wells That Ends Wells Essay

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Oil Wells that Ends Wells
Imagine a smog covered world that is desolate and lifeless. This is not a dystopian fantasy but a very likely reality if we do not take action. TransCanada has been attempting to construct an extension to the Keystone XL pipeline since 2005, but they have accumulated little success. The pipeline has garnered criticism as a result of the increased pollution that extracting the petroleum from the Alberta oil sands would cause. While some believe the pipeline would benefit the economy, the short term material benefits are minimal compared to the eternal reward of creating clean energy. While it is extremely difficult for the world to replace oil entirely, I believe we must attempt in order to save the planet.
To begin, while “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible”, all our carbon footprints compound to create the deadly toxins that will be our undoing. While some believe Global Warming to be a hoax, it is a very potent reality. Carbon Dioxide is a gas found in all petroleum, which causes the greenhouse gas effects; according to Friends of the Earth, the Alberta Oil Sands have “three to four times” (“Friends of the Earth”) the carbon emissions typical oil reserves do. This increase in emissions is the exact opposite of what the environment needs. We must decline usage of these poisonous gases if we wish to continue to have a thriving atmosphere.
The effects oil spills have on wildlife are long lasting and lethal. The smallest
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