Oil and Gas Proposal

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Perfect International LTD (PIL) “Oil & Gas”
Limited is a privately owned company incorporated under the Companies Act Cap.486 of the laws of Kenya. The Company is licensed to procure and market petroleum products in the domestic Kenyan market as well as for export to the neighbouring Great Lakes region in Africa.
The full range of petroleum products are marketed by the Company, these include
Petrol (PMS)
Refinery margin system (RMS)
Dual purpose kerosene (DPK)
Diesel (AGO)
Industrial diesel (IDO)
Jet engine fuel (A1)
Fuel oil

Perfect International Limited commenced her operations in (year) and became a signatory to the Kenya Petroleum refinery ltd Agreement in (year), and at the same time became a signatory to
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This would result in an even playing field, more competition, and hence lower prices to consumers. This is the case in Western Kenya where retail prices are lower than in Nairobi.
Opening up of similar facilities for LPG would reduce the cost of supplying the same to the consumers, which would, in turn, encourage wider usage of Gas for domestic use and hence reduce environmental damage by limiting use of charcoal and firewood. This would go a long way in the preservation of our forests and water catchment areas.

2. Kenya Railways
We would propose a railway maintenance levy from the oil companies to assist in the restoration of the Railways. This would benefit our road network by reducing traffic and over loading.
An improved railway system would increase trade within the East Africa region resulting in job preservation and increased government revenue.

3. Protection Of The Environment
In order to halt the chronic deforestation being experienced in the country (Kenya has only 1.7% forest cover and a country requires a minimum of 10% to be able to sustain its environment) Dalbit would like to see duty on Kerosene drastically reduced in order to encourage its use instead of charcoal.

4. Kenya Pipeline Corporation
Issuance of stock certificates for line fill would free up capital, which is currently ‘dead

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