Oil to Clean Energy

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The cost of fuel is ever climbing on a perpetual price ladder. The price of gas has doubled in the past decade and will continue to rise at an even faster rate than ever before. Why do gas prices continually swell? Who owns the oil being drilled and pumped from all over the world? Oil is a non-renewable resource owned by oiling companies such as Exxon Mobile, Chevron, BP, and other name brand gas providers. The prices are skyrocketing because of supply and demand. The world supply of natural oil is being syphoned and used every day at an alarming rate. Oil companies have gotten and are still getting their more than fair share of money for providing these fuels. In fact, these big oil companies have enough money to change their…show more content…
BP Global went into the animal feeding and breeding business. Texaco purchased Getty Oil in 1984 for 9.9 billion dollars. As you can see, big oil companies have more up their sleeves to make money other than oil. With the push for new ways of powering our machinery with cleaner and more abundant resources, will these big businesses simply buy each other and other companies in order to make it through this trying time, or will they help pioneer technology through to the new age? We now know that oil companies resort to buying and creating smaller companies in order to keep making money even in difficult times. What if instead of buying container companies, making office equipment, attempting to buy circuses, and buying each other, these businesses created new companies to help fund, research, and develop cleaner, more abundant, or renewable energy technologies. It is evident that their main prerogative is making money. There is money to be made buy manufacturing and selling wind turbines, solar panels, and alternative fuels such as bio fuels and hydrogen cells. Some oil companies have already begun delving into alternative energy research and production. Chevron is leading the energy reform by slowly switching to cleaner fuels and energies. A small step that they have taken thus far is to extract natural gas from shale rock. Shale rock is much more abundant than oil found in oil fields reducing the need to drill for oil by a substantial amount. A page
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