Ojt Experiences

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Ikaw na maglagay ng date, nitatamad nako e,
Tapos, dagdagan mo nlng ung note nung ibang holidays, nakalimutan ko na e, lumagpas nako ng holidays, ikaw nalang gumawa, oyy cheesy tong diary na to ah, kasi kunyari may nakilala ka :D ahah
May mga iniwan din pala ako na blanks fill up-an mo nalang tignan mo ng mabuti baka may malagpasan ka,
Finally my ___hours OJT is finally over. For 120 days I’ve learned a lot of things that I know I will never experience in my entire life without the help of (pinagOJThan mo). At first it’s hard for me to wake up too early and ride all alone to work specially riding a bus, but as time goes by my body is now used to my daily routine.

1. On our 1st day we had our orientation where we
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13. So this day, I decided to work as my real self, no showoffs etc, just me, my true self, and I felt happier, I almost forgot the time, because I was really happy of what I was doing. 14. I thought it’ll all work out as planned, just work, nothing else, but there’s someone who did something BAD to me, but I can’t do anything, he’s a regular employee and I’m just having my practicum, so all I did was to ignore it and keep focus on my work. 15. This day, I’ve been hearing gossips about me, of course it’s from that person again, well I can’t do anything but to ignore it, it pisses me off, but it doesn’t harm me at all so, I kept in mind that I’ll just do my best, so that whatever that person says will not affect me, because I’m doing my job in a nice way. 16. This day I did something wrong, I broke something in the hotel room that I’ve got to pay, after that incident, again I’ve been hearing negative thoughts from that person, I was having a bad day today, a really bad day so I decided to talk about it with my supervisor, but all he said was “just ignore him”. I was thinking if that was a good advice. 17. Today, that person wasn’t around; I wasn’t hearing anything bad from them, just a normal day, nothing special. 18. As days goes by, I was able to make friends so that I’m enjoying what I’m doing because I have someone to talk to. 19. I noticed that the person having gossips about me was not around for how many days, I was really happy

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