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What is OJT?

OJT or the on the job training is one of the training process where training is given to someone new to a system similar to the real job.On-the job training is an important way in which people acquire relevant knowledge and skills at work. It is important to make the distinction between training and learning – this is critical to the effective design and delivery of training in organisations. In a sense therefore, more interested in promoting on-the-job learning than on-the-job training. However, using the well-established term, on-the-job training (OJT) can be defined as an activity undertaken at the workplace which is designed to improve an individual’s skills or knowledge. OJT
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- Too much training can be delivered in one session leading to ‘information overload’ and trainee fatigue.

- If immediate practice is not accompanied by feedback the trainee can feel abandoned after the initial experience.

The Elements of OJT

- Preparation: there is nothing worse than trying to demonstrate how to use equipment where the OJT trainer has forgotten the password that gives access to the computer programme or the key to the equipment cupboard. Good preparation is essential, and the best OJT trainers have useful examples or practice exercises ready in advance.

- Start with the learner: begin by assessing how much the learner knows already. The most straightforward questions will elicit the answers and save time. ‘Have you used spreadsheets in previous jobs?’ can save a lot of both persons' time when OJT training in MS-Excel.

- Pick the best time: it can be very frustrating to spend Monday afternoon having the procedure for completing time-sheets outlined to you when you will fill them in on Friday (by which time you will have forgotten).

- Demonstration / instruction: showing the trainee how to do the job

- Coaching: a more intensive method of training that involves a close working relationship between an experienced employee and the trainee

- Projects: employees join a project team - which gives

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