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ON THE JOB TRAINING PROGRAM The main objective of the on-the-job-training program is to accommodate and involve the trainees in actual work situation as Student trainee, to acquire new knowledge and skills required in the practice of their profession. The said program is scheduled Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00AM-5:00PM. PRACTICAL ACTIVITIES This part narrates the activities that I have gone through during the training. November 13, 2012. It was the first day of my on-the-job training. I was tense because I did not know what to expect with the department that I will be assign and with the work that I will do. I was assigned to the Admin and Finance Division. When I came inside the office, I was conscious because it was a new environment…show more content…
On December 6, I did nothing new. I filed some important documents again. Afterwards I used the copier to photocopy a file for my boss. Then I answered calls for the rest of the day. December 10. It was only half day. After class I used my time for my OJT. My bosses told us to practice steps for gangnam style because they want us to dance on their Christmas party. December 11, in the morning I was just answering phone calls. In the afternoon, Ms. Julie asked me to print all the documents of Fund 101 and Fund 158. On December 13, I helped Ms. Pia, my co-intern to arranged the accomplishment report and DTRs of all intern. Then Ms. Cherrie asked me to photocopied DTRs of employees and filed it in the folders.. December 14 is my half day. I did nothing new again. I typed documents. My knowledge in typing text in Microsoft Excel improved. When my bosses don’t have anything for me to work, they allow me to used computer. On December 17, nothing new again. I still photocopied office papers. Then bring documents to other department. I also typed documents and printed it. The next day December 18 was a boring day for me. I just photocopied some documents. Then I answered phone calls. In the afternoon, our bosses give us time to practice for our dance then later on, we taught them for the steps. On December 19, the first thing I did was to answer phone calls. Then I was asked by my boss to file some documents. After that we practiced for our performance on our Christmas

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