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Where is the line between personal privacy & the great of good? Some people would argue that it is sometimes ok to check someone’s device. It is never ok for officials to take students phone’s or device. School and police officials do need to have the authority to check students’ phones in order to keep the community safe. if a fight breaks out at a school , and a student has recorded it and posted it, the principal should not be able to take action. “Others think that punishing students for what they do on the web is the responsibility of parents, not schools.” (Password Protected).I think that schools should never. Have the right to check a student's phone for anything because, students parents. Might have little dirty jokes sent from their parents and, if a school employee finds that the student could get in so much trouble for…show more content…
In addition, a crime might be committed and the police might be able to get hints from a cell phone that would tell them who else was involved or who will be the next target. “Several recent cases in which schools have disciplined students for bad online behavior outside of school.” I think that if this case could happen at all. Yes the authority’s will have the right to check students private devices. Furthermore, if kids know that their social media can be monitored, they’re more likely to not post things that threaten or make fun fun of others. In his article “Watch What You Type,” Joseph Maneen argues that “Kids should not be” and that “young people need to learn…” How to not misbehave on social networking. I think that… The authorities should have the right to check that device that the complaint was posted on.. Do for another person's safety or privacy. So whether it’s a matter of
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