Oklahoma ! Analysis

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In 1943, the musical Oklahoma!, by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, influenced the artistic style of American musical theatre. The integration of music, book, dance, and design provided a new foundation for the future of Broadway. The musical illustrates the 1940s lifestyle by capturing the essence of rural America during World War II. Americans were at their rock bottom, as the Great Depression wiped them of all things good. Additionally, some of the most vivid and abrupt changes in the history of American civilization occurred, reshaping society forever. America at war and eight million Americans unemployed in the continuing depression, feared for safety of loved ones abroad fighting for freedom. These things affected American life intensely in 1940s. (Brinkley, 1994). Fortunately, Oklahoma! gave people the opportunity to escape from the real world for the duration of the show.
Escaping current events might be found in the company of neighbors, but for New York theatre audiences, witnessing Oklahoma! put its viewers into a far removed realm for the time being. One might question if the events and activities the musical replicated for American society were intentional or not; however, given that musical theatre has the ability to convey relatable circumstances between the characters and the audience, it would not be a reach to assume the musical did this intentionally. Oklahoma! helped the American people grasp onto serenity, and even a bit of nostalgia, if only for
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