Oklahoma Air National Guard Brac Case Study

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Living through BRAC BRAC, or Base Realignment and Closure, is a real factor for a lot of Guard and Reserve units nationwide. Some wings have never experienced it, but it is the systematic closure and realignment of Air Force assets, in this case in the Guard. Budget cuts and aging ANG, Air National Guard, fleets have made this unwanted change an everyday reality. These changes may include a different air frame, moving the wing from one place to another, completely closing of a wing or a combination of all of these options. The remainder of this paper will focus on the 2005 BRAC of the Oklahoma Air National Guard at Oklahoma City and how leadership proved their…show more content…
The first was vision. Vision is a leader’s ability to see the future, portray a goal to their followers without losing sight of what is in front of them. The vision of the 137th was simple: be the best at what we do. The 137 Airlift Wing had a long tradition of excellence, from near perfect mission accomplishment rates in the 2003 Iraq invasion to the Air National Guard’s longest safety record. Leadership reassured its members that they are great at what they do, that we will continue to be excellent by being the best we can in the tanker mission. The second principle is communication. Although basic in nature, John Adair put it best; “the test of your powers of communication comes when the seas are rough with change, and people feel disorientated and out of touch.” (Adair, 2002) In 2005 the seas were rough, but a plan was in place for everyone. Everyone knew the time line, and everyone knew their place in the new mission. Leadership communicated this message down to their followers, everyone was able to rally behind our leadership and move forward through difficult times. No secrets were kept, the wing was going to change and everyone knew
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