Oklahoma Land Run - Original Writing

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Candelyn Kitchens Courtney Luman English Ⅱ 15 November 2016 Oklahoma Land Run Oklahoma was once referred to as the “Unassigned Lands” (Fugate,138). This land was land inside Indian Territory that had not been claimed by one of the tribes (Hoig). Whites believed they were entitled to this land and wanted to get the statement across that America is a “white man’s country” (Dorman, 38). Immediately after Benjamin Harrison, the United States of America’s president at the time, announced the land would be opened for settlement, people began gathering their belongings, loading their wagons, or preparing their horses for travel. Thousands of people crowded the borders of the Unassigned Lands in hopes of establishing a settlement in the area (Fugate,140). At noon on April 22, 1889, people dashed across the land with their belongings seeking a plot of land. The Oklahoma Land Run was an exciting, puzzling, and in some cases, a violent day in Oklahoma’s history. How It Began Present day Oklahoma was once Indian Territory. It became Indian Territory after the Civil War (Fugate, 136). The Unassigned Lands were in the middle of Indian Territory, but it was not claimed by one of the tribes (Hoig). However, this land was surrounded on all sides by land claimed by a tribe such as the Cherokee. The first to notice the land was prime were the cattlemen who herded their cattle through the area (Fugate,137). The word got around that the land was so great and the “Boomers” were created.
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