Okonkwo 's Family And The Tribe

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become. Okonkwo is very hidebound about the British missionaries coming to the tribe, while everyone else is oblivious to the impact they make. The missionaries are what cause the demise of Okonkwo’s family and the Igbo “family” tribe. The missionaries cause a schism within the tribe, by converting the indigenous people to Christianity, which leads to dwindle relationships. This illustrates that “colonialism in Africa disrupted many things” which is germane to Okonkwo’s family and the tribe (Achebe Article). Okonkwo and Nwoye, despite their shared blood, there is no affection or mutual respect in their relationship anymore, and thus they are noisome of one another and no longer consider each other to be family. Together, these scenes exemplify how important it is to have mutual respect for each other in an Igbo family. In the first scene, Ikemefuna feels as if he is actually apart of Okonkwo’s family through the bond and respect he shares with Okonkwo; in the second scene, Nwoye and Okonkwo have miniscule to no respect for each other which is just enough for them to not even acknowledge one another as family. Ultimately, Achebe suggests that mutual relationships are needed in an ideal family. A dearth of respect transpires into its downfall. When one’s father and son share no respect, they invariably will breakdown. Just as Achebe exemplifies that mutual respect is what helps form a strong family, so too does unity help form the concrete basis of the ideal family. Unity

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