Okonkwo's Fear

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“Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop” (Usman B. Asif). In the novel “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe, Okonkwo lives a life in constant fear of being like Unoka. This fear was fueled by the failures of his father and the drive to be completely different from Unoka. Okonkwo’s motivations, interactions, and development as a character all suggest that he is a Byronic hero.
Okonkwo’s violent actions and the bad events he caused shows that he is disrespectful of both rank and privilege. As the article “Characteristics” states, “he rejects the values and moral codes of society and because of this he is often unrepentant by society’s standards”. This is shown when Achebe states, “But Okonkwo was not the mawn to stop beating somebody half-way through, not even for fear of a goddess” (25). This quotation from chapter four demonstrates that Okonkwo is someone that is going to finish his job, even if people from from a higher rank is trying to stop him. He shows this when he beats his wife during the week of peace. This trait is clarified by his motivation of not showing weakness like his father did. In conclusion, Okonkwo’s violent
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The handout “Byronic Hero” states that Byronic heroes have “Troubled past”. Okonkwo demonstrates his troubled past in Things Fall Apart, when Achebe says “Okonkwo did not have the start in life which many young men usually had. He did not inherit a barn from his father. There was no barn to inherit” (13). This quotation from chapter three demonstrates that Okonkwo had to work for everything he had because his father lazy. His father never worked so Okonkwo had nothing to start with in life. This trait is expressed by his motivations to hard working so he is nothing like his father. Okonkwo’s father did not give him anything to help him get a head start in life and was seen as a lazy man, which led to Okonkwo having a troubled
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