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Gluekra: Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) as alternative Glue

Jose Roger M. Barata Jr.

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement
In Research II

Antipolo National High School
Brgy. Sta Cruz, Antipolo City

December, 2012

Mrs. Zenaida Pardilla-Cristobal
Research adviser

ABSTRACT The study of creating and transforming okra as alternative glue aims to prove that there are other resources from nature that can be derived of in making natural glue/adhesive. It can be valuable to those whose necessities are some materials as well as school supplies in school for making such paperwork. It is beneficial to those who want to be thrifty in buying materials for them to save money since this study can conduct in home as well as its
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The researcher prepared substance like flour and water to make its ability more effective specifically to its ability to stick papers or other object to paper.
On the other hand, glue has contributed in making such things easier particularly to those students making their projects or some activities in school. They were spending money in buying glue instead of gaining savings for other purposes. In that case, they should need alternative way to avoid spending a lot in buying school materials.
Due to prior basis of related studies and conceptual experimentation of the researcher to this study, it would result to a comprehensive, long lasting, cheaper but good quality and useful glue for students and other individual.

B. Statement of the problem * Is it possible that okra can be alternative glue? How? * How can the mucilage be extracted outside the okra? * How long can the “gluekra” stick to the paper and other object that can stick to paper?

C. Hypothesis
It is possible that okra can transform as alternative glue. By extracting mucilage of it, that has the ability to produce a sticky texture as glue. By heating the upper part sliced okra, it extracts its mucilage to produce sticky substance. Since this project aims to make glue from okra, it will stick as long as other glue can.

D. Significance of the study
This outcome that follow significantly useful in such that it helps particularly to those
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