Olaudah Equiano 's View On Slavery

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Heidi MacDonald
Amanda Meyer
EN 203
June 10, 2015
Olaudah Equiano 's Views on Slavery Olaudah Equiano 's The Life of Olaudah Equiano, is an autobiography that tells the story of a young boy who was kidnapped from his home and put into the life of slavery at the tender age of 11. In 1789 while living in London Mr. Equiano published his autobiography. The book was a huge success and described what it was like for Equiano to be taken from the only home that he had known and shipped halfway around the world to be used a slave. Olaudah is a man of great conflict when it comes to slavery and what he feels is right or wrong. His views have been formed from his own personal journey into slavery. In the end he ultimately decides that it would be best to put an end to slavery. Olaudah was one of seven children born into an upper class black family in 1745. He was born in a small province called Essaka, which is now what we know as Nigeria, Africa. From his description his family is very prominent in the village. His father, who was a chief, bore a "mark of grandeur" which was only wore by certain men. "Most of the judges and senators were thus marked; my father had long borne it: I had seen it conferred on one of my brothers, and I also was destined to receive it by my parents" (Equiano 483). It seems as if because he is from a higher class family that this somehow would justify them owning another person as personal property. The village that Equiano was from
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