Olaudah Equiano's Autobiography

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Olaudah Equiano’s autobiography moves beyond being a personal document. It provides the reader with important historical background about the slavery system and Guinea. In the first three chapter, Equiano tells us a lot about his native country, early years, and his kidnapping. The people of Eboe, where Equiano is born, are very civilized. They have their own laws and traditions. For example, the chiefs or elders of the place usually conduct the governmental proceedings. Their laws are built on democratic basis. They hold meeting to decide upon any dispute and punish crimes. They natives are very cooperative and organized. They all labor and fight together from their early years. In addition, whenever a new bridegroom want to build his house, everyone helps him and expect nothing in return. One of the natives’ best traits is being pragmatic. They could make drinks, clothes, and perfumes out of simple materials. They are not only good at manufacturing, but also trading and they even have their own currency. Unfortunately, the natives are not perfect as Equiano tries to portray them. Even though women and men almost wear the same clothes, which symbolizes equality, women are not considered equal to men. When a couple marry, everything that the girls own becomes the bridegroom’s property. Similarly, if a woman cheats on her husband, she is punished severely. While it is so common to find husbands cheating on their wives. Before moving on, it should be pointed out that in
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