Old Boy Growing Up With A Parent Of The Air National Guard

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Juan is a four-year-old boy growing up with both parents. Silvia, Juan’s mother, is a stay at home mom giving her the ability to be with her son and develop a close relationship. Jessie, Juan’s father, is an airline worker and a member of the Air National Guard. Jessie also has a close relationship with his son because of the daily interactions they have with each other. However, Juan’s world completely changed when his father was deployed to the Middle East and his mother had to begin work again. Juan’s interactions with his parents are minimal to nonexistent causing a physical and mental consequence on Juan. In the framework of psychoanalytic theory, there is a focus on child development. Prior to Jessie’s deployment, Juan was experiencing a normal child development through a sexual and aggressive drive. For example, analyzing Juan’s psychosexual development, at the age of 4, Juan’s demonstrates an attraction to his female parent. His display of affection is within the phallic phase. His desire to “marry” his mother is common for children between the ages of three and five because they begin to discover their genitals (Berzoff, 2011). Juan’s mother’s occupation as a stay at home mother, allowed Juan to develop these feelings due to the large amount of time they would spend together. Nevertheless, when his father got deployed and his mother began working, it was noticeable that he went through regression. Juan does not have the attention his mother once

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