Old Europe and New Europe: The Role of the European Union" Essay

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The European Union is the unique education which is taking place process of political formation. It can be considered as version of the answer to present calls as within united Europe there is an opportunity for the participating states to solve key problems of social and economic, political, cultural, ecological development and questions of internal and external security. In the XXI century, after semicentennial development of the European integration, EU I turned into one of the main and most developed centers of the modern world. The share of EU in a world gross product exceeds 20%, it is the share of it nearly a quarter of world trade. EU plays the leading role in rendering the technical and financial assistance to developing …show more content…

As a result, the person stops being is attached to space.
Thirdly, Rates of scientific and technical progress and, therefore, change of let-out models of goods in these branches are so high that terms of depreciation of heavy capital investments become more and more short. To make production of new goods economically justified, competitor companies can't remain within the national markets – they have to throw out almost instantly the production on the world market. Therefore multinational corporations become the world corporations.
Fourthly, creation of the world financial government. Emergence of the world monetary market and the market of the capitals led to modern internationalization of production. The daily turn of these markets makes about 1,3 trillion. US dollars.
The European Union was created not only for improvement of state of the economy of the different countries, but also for improvement of quality of life of people and for uniform system of the power. Democratic system of the power which will affect all aspects of life of people. For correct work and fast development a number of bodies was created.
One of these bodies is the European commission.
The European Commission - executive body of the European Union. Her members are

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