Old Girl Monologue

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My head abruptly turned, meeting the eye of my aunt, Jessica's mom. Aunt Flora was wearing a red cocktail feet-length dress, what is it about the color red everyone seems to like? Aunt Flora was to busy sending daggers at me, she didn't notice her own daughter. Jessica swiftly placed her plate on the table, walking towards us as if she wasn't just eating.

In the eyes of Flora I didn't have any manners and all I did was eat, once she even told me how am I not fat with how much pounds of food I eat daily. Its all due to my fast metabolism which I am thankful for, Jessica stood by her mothers side giving me a apologetic look.

"Mother, there's nothing wrong with eating." I was surprised Jessica even stood up for me, todays a first for everything from the looks of it. Flora seemed shocked herself, she eyed her daughter skeptically.
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Like I said before I came for the food, whoever gets in my way I have no problem eating their food to. "Everyone start going to the diners, its time to eat." The blonde girl on the stage said enthusiastically, everyone started walking to the diners. I grabbed Jessica's arm eagerly making my way through all the people, they were walking slower than snails.

The diner was huge, that's what she said. The golden curtains were set aside allowing sunlight to illuminate the place, double glass doors were in the left middle space, revealing a garden full of all types of flowers. I could see a circle shaped pool, it managed to be even clearer then the one in the driveway. A few windows were open, allowing natural breeze to enter, it felt nice.

I'd never seen so much food in just one place, there were around ten long tables in here full of food. Jessica gestured for us to sit in the far corner, butlers pushed chairs out for us like the gentleman they were. I smiled thanking them, they both exchanged confused looks.

"Usually nobody thanks them," Jessica
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