Old Greek Museum

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Specifically, a large wall projection panel will play videos with a high definition image, which are going to present the curators of the museum talking about significant historical facts of that era and how the latter are related to the former home. These videos will explain how the newly Greek nation was formed, what was the social and political condition of the Greek capital at that particular time and how the later influenced the construction of the historic house. The screens will provide an especially designed map of all the artifacts that belong to the museum's permanent collection, a variety of data regarding the architectural structure of the house and stories about its former residents that will be presented in the form of digital texts. The most intriguing part is that visitors will be able to select and touch all the digital objects separately, and learn analytically about their origin, chronology, material, use, affiliation with other artifacts, and the related story of possession. This meticulous examination of artifacts such as paintings, engravings, ceramics, porcelain, tapestries, books, furniture and personal objects will provide a clear image of the rich museum collection. Most significantly, it will decipher, and inculcate the historical value and cultural legacy…show more content…
In writing about the role of real objects in museums Rainey Tisdale mentions, “ While not everyone agrees, many museum professionals have come to believe that the increase in digital versions of objects actually enhances the value of in-person encounters with tangible, real things” ( Tisdale 2011). Similarly, the institution expects its audience to understand that the use of these devices will contribute to the development of a clear and successful connection with the historic site and the actual artifacts and objects that one can see when exploring the museum
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