Old Joe Case Report Essay

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In the spring of 2012, our management group, group 7, was assigned to take over a business as top level management. With the only guideline of creating a drastically more capable and profitable organization within a year, we had a lot of work ahead. The business belonged to Old Joe, an absolute genius engineer who was lacking in business management skills, Fred, a failed engineer with underlying personal issues resulting in counterproductive activity, and Netty, Old Joe’s wife. This division of the business specializes in the creation of medical products, and has customers globally. The backwards situation the business was in cannot be overstated. There was a huge set of order back logs, quality problems, inventory issues, social and…show more content…
* With Bob gone, issues will eventually be solved. Have Ed put aside issues with Harry for working purposes. With bob fired the problems between Ed and Harry will lessen. We need to call them into office together and talk to them face to face. Tell them each that work is work and differences need to be settled. Let them talk out whatever problems they have right then and there because when they leave our office it will be settled. With them working together more efficiently, quality checks will occur and the right products will be made and be made right.- This will address problem #1. * Ed will also start to documenting processes on how to make products in a detailed step by step fashion as they are needed by company. We want to limit the steps of a process to as simple as 20 steps or under. * All manuals will be step by step detailed processes but easy to follow. Everything will be laid out for laborers. This will address problem #11. * For the labor grievances, we think that after firing Bob and Yolanda, we should select the 10 most pressing grievances from the stack of 450, and tell the Union we will be willing to discuss only those grievances in full. This will address problem #16. * If they do not to budge, continue to press the issue calmly and ask them whether it is not reasonable to do this. Arbitration for those 10 will remain on the table if no median can be reached. This will address problem #16. *
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