Old Lady Monologue

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I know that this letter is so funny. Perhaps the statement, “Duh, what does a girl knows in dreaming about her future in a very young age with someone?” pops in your head. Maybe she doesn’t know anything at all. Maybe she’s just a daydreamer who fantasizes so wide and high that you won’t ever get a glimpse. EVER. Because that castle in the air has already blown away. You know what provoked me to picture out my future with you? It was that you allowed me to. You convinced me that you’re worth to be someone who I could be with as I hear the bells ring. You showed me that you truly care. You have given me the right actions that can make me say that I’m proud to have you. Because you’re unlike any guy who I met, and I swear, the guys who I will just meet.…show more content…
Maybe I feel the mixture of great joy and envy. Somehow I’m glad that you are living the fantasy that I imagined before. But there’s a little of jealousy in my heart because I reflect that if I just make my clench more fastened, I must be that girl who’s wearing that white dress while holding those flowers. Though a small amount of sensation of mine hurts on the happiest day of your life, I suppose to say that I’m elated, too. Because I owe the huge quantity of your past that made you the guy that this lady has and will proudly call her own. I think that the girl I have seen in that thought will also envision a potential with you. She deserves it. She’s destined to have it. Because I guess for me, I don’t. If I really do, well, I don’t know what to
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