Old Major Character Analysis

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Jonathan Strickland
American lit
05 May 2017
A critical analysis of Old Major What are some important things about Old Major? Who or what does Old Major represent in the book Animal Farm, and what can we learn from this character? Also what are some key points this character has in the book animal farm? Old Major was a prize winning boar from the state fair. He was also the leader of animal farm before he was shot and killed by Mr.Jones. He also came up with the song Beasts of England. His philosophy concerning the tyranny of man is named animalism by his followers. Old Major was a very smart and persuasive pig/boar. He inspired the rebellion with his skills and his abilities to get all of the other animals to share his madness. …show more content…

He knew how to read, write, and talk etc. Old Major led the other animals up to the rebellion against the humans. The Beasts of England is a demonstration of his rhetorical skills after he teached the animals The Beasts of England, which is about a world that is polluted by human hands. Which the animals sing about five times in proudness. The point in Old Major's thinking is that he begins to place all the blame on the 2 legged humans for all the animals ills and injuries. Old Major believes that once they (animal's) remove all mankind then the causes of overworking and hunger will be abolished. Old Major only believes to a point that all animals are only capable of doing good and all humans are capable of doing wrong. Napoleon was against Old Major, and Napoleon uses his private army of nine vicious and enormous dogs to become the chief pig. Napoleon wants to just sit around and tell all the other animals what to do but the other pig Snowball wants to teach all of the other animals and build the windmill. So once all of this action takes place all of the animals think the pigs are all bad

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