Old Major Speech In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In the story, Animal Farm, the main character Old Major, which is a wise and majestic-looking pig with benevolent appearance, are going to give a speech in the big barn owing to the fact that he sensed the cruel slavery in animals’ miserable life is unfair but changeable. In Old Major’s speech, it provides the inspiration and encouragement to those animals that work so hard in the farm, driving them to lead up a rebellion to overthrow the human and alter this ruthless slavery. This is a strong and vigorous speech; furthermore, it acts an important turning point in the story. Before Old Major begins the speech, he first mentions the strange dream that he had the previous night, it makes animal feel that this is the decree of God for the speech…show more content…
“I cannot describe that dream to you. It was a dream of the earth as it will be when man has vanished. But it reminded me of something that I had long forgotten.” He leads out the old song, Beast of England, by talking about his dream. The song represents the fertile land of the England; also depict a dramatic picture of Old Major’s ideal world. “This singing of the song threw the animals into the wildest excitement.” The animals easily picked up the simple rhythm; all of the animals are agglomerate by the song. Moreover, in the lyrics of the song mentioned about the “golden future time”, represent the joyful life after they lead up a rebellion to overthrown human’s labor domination. The whole speech successfully built up animal’s confidence and their ambition to get rid of human’s ruling. Old Major gives a progressive speech that provides the motivation of sensing this, animals are keep working for human begins with nothing return; the reason why they are doing this, everything in the nature should be equally share by every creature in the world in stead of forcibly occupy by human, they have right to do get what they deserved; the result they may receive after they fulfill this, after the rebellion, it will comes a new politico, rules and better society. In addition, Old Major let those animals to believe that rebellion is their destiny; this is what God tells them. He concludes this speech with the singing, which

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