Old Major's Speech In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Old Major’s Propaganda… Speech After reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm, one may take better care of his or her fluffy white cat! Easily recognized as a fable, in his book Animal Farm, Orwell uses free willed, self-thinking animals to struggle for their freedoms in much the same way man does. It is not just a fable though; it is based on reality. George Orwell (or Erik Blare) dealt with conflict with social democracy, communists, and capitalism his entire life, and it sparked his novel. The one who sparked the movement on Manor Farm was the visionary elderly boar, Old Major, who had a dream that the animals could be in charge of the farm. Old Major’s heart was for the idealistic benefit of the farm animals. Old Major, who was respected…show more content…
In addition to hasty generalization, there is also fallacy of exclusion peppered in his speech. “In the fallacy of exclusion you fail to look at how the given quality is common among many groups, not just one.” (uidaho) Old Major claims that, “Man is the only animal that consumes without producing.” (pages 7-8) but this is false. Just because man cannot produce the same things that animals produce, such as milk, eggs, and meat, does not mean that man is incapable of producing anything. He makes the animals think that man is not of value. Moreover, Old Major further implies man’s unimportance by affirming the consequent. Now, according to the University of Idaho, affirming the consequent means, “reversing an argument or confusing the general category with the specific/sub-category.” Old Major obviously used this fallacy in his speech, intentionally or not. Old Major declares that, “All man are enemies. All animals are comrades.” (page 10) This sounds all fine and dandy, but really it is a false statement. He does not know any other man accept Mr. Jones, so he has no evidence to support his declaration. On the other hand, he does have evidence that animals are comrades, but does not have evidence that ALL animals are comrades. Old Major also confidently says, “Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is
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