Old Major's Speech In Animal Farm

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The Rise and Fall “The life of an animal is misery and slavery: that is the plain truth” (Orwell 6). Old Major’s speech and advocacy for the rebellion is what helps the animals overthrow Mr. Jones in George Orwell’s novella Animal Farm. The novella shows the story of farm animals when they rule themselves. The pigs on the farm claim themselves as the most fit to rule the other animals and change all of Old Major’s initial ideas, with help from Squealer’s persuasion, for their own benefit. Through the use of rhetoric, Orwell is able to show the progression of the Russian Revolution by Lenin’s initial revolutionary ideas, the manipulation by Stalin and the ruling class, and the corruption of the trust shared between the working class and the ruling class. In summary, Old Major’s speech is to cause an uprising within the animals. Old Major is the speaker of this speech and he talks about the changes he wants to see on the farm. The larger occasion is that Old Major wants his audience to feel indignation. The immediate occasion is wants his audience to revolt against Mr. Jones. The audience to this speech are the animals on the farm who want to see changes in their laborious lives. The purpose of Old Major giving this speech is to spark a revolution against the substandard treatment from Mr. Jones and his men. Additionally, Old Major’s speech uses emotional words and phrases to make the audience know and feel how wrong their situation is. Old Major declares,“Now, comrades,
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