Old Money In The Great Gatsby

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In the Great Gatsby Characters are classified as either Old money or New money. People Known as Old money have had wealthy in their families a long time. Those known as New money have recently become wealthy.Both are in the same class of wealth but spend their money differently. In the novel The Great Gatsby the author F.Scot Fitzgerald uses the theme of wealth to potray the way different social classes behave.

The people of Old money live in a part of Long Island known as East Egg. They are responsible with their wealth and know how to handle what they have. East Egg is very classy and sophisticated. They people there act of a higher class and are more proper. East Eggers don’t have to work for their money because it runs in their family and they have had things just handed to them. However, they are very careless and are used to money ease their minds and buy happiness and are often selfish. Daisy and Tom are good examples of selfish people because they don’t worry or care about hurting others because they have people that will just clean up whatever mess they leave behind.

The people of New money live in a part of Long Island known as West Egg. They are very irresponsible with their wealth and spend it carelessly. West Eggers are not classy but tacky. People that live in West Egg have to work for
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In the novel Gatsby strives earn money because he believes that if he has wealth that Daisy will be with him ultimately buying him happiness. Gatsby soon learns that this not the case. Though Gtasby seemed to have it all because of his wealthy his wealth led him to his fall. Money however does give you the privilege of living in a world free of consequences. The author is trying to prove that wealth,entertainment,and materialistic things make the characters believe that money can improve the quality of
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