Old Navy Marketing Plan Essay

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Old Navy operates a chain of 960 stores in North America. Old Navy offers its own brand if women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories at discount prices. According to Yahoo Finance, in 2006, the company’s revenue grew 1.6 percent to $6.86 billion. Business Mission Old Navy is a brand owned by Gap, Inc. As a whole, Gap’s purpose is “to make it easy for you to express your personal style throughout your life” (www.gapinc.com). The culture of Gap, Inc is governed by their key values: integrity, respect, open-mindedness, quality and balance. One way Gap achieves their purpose is through one of their four brands, Old Navy. The brand is known for offering on-trend apparel and accessories at great value. Old Navy's mission is to…show more content…
This change was recognized both within the organization and by the general public, making Old Navy a major contender as a leading customer service-oriented retailer in the nation. Although Old Navy’s objectives are not stated in hierarchical order and are not so specific that they can be measured, they are reasonable in light of the company’s objectives. In addition, there is no time-frame specified, because the objectives are continuous in nature. Old Navy’s main goal is to clearly maximize customer satisfaction. Situation Analysis (SWOT) Analysis Strengths Old Navy’s strengths include the fact that they offer clothing and accessories for the whole family at value prices, they have high brand recognition, including their latest catchy campaign: Get Your Fash’on. Although the company’s first stores only opened in 2004, Old Navy has already developed incredible brand recognition. Old Navy also promotes its brand recognition not only through its numerous recognizable TV, jingles and print ads, but also through their high-selling logo t-shirts and sweatshirts. The weekly bargain marketing campaign is one that is recognized nationwide. It is a campaign that not only spotlights one many products every week, but also emphasizes its bargain prices. Weaknesses However, some of its weaknesses include it is heavily influenced by consumer spending and current economic state of the nation, and it has to be able
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