Old/New Testament Covenants

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Prior to attending high school and Old/ New Testament covenants, I held the belief that God was a loving God and that he was always graceful and merciful. God is loving, graceful, and merciful but that’s only one side of the characteristics of God. I also believed that God was a graceful God in the New Testament and a wrathful God in the Old testament. I was lead to believe this because of my church and the bias of the way they viewed God. There were specific verses they would show that gave people the idea that God was a wrathful God that destroyed cities and killed hundreds while in the New Testament God was a God that was loving was full of grace. I learned to reject the Old Testament God and to live in what God tells us to do in the New…show more content…
I then learned that the Old and New Testament reference each other and that they are connected. I also learned that God is graceful and merciful in the old testament. God is just in the Old Testament but he does it from a place of loving and caring for his people and almost always he replaces his just with grace. In Genesis 1-11 the pattern of God’s involvement is that he sees the spread of sin, then does justice on the people, and then gives them grace. In the story of Cain and Abel, Cain kills Abel, which is an act of sin. God sees this spread of sin in Cain and gives him judgement telling him that he most wonders the earth and will not be able to settle, yet in this awful situation God’s grace begins to work by protecting Cain and by giving Adam and Eve new children. God gives grace and justice both in the New and Old Testament. God is a holy God, but not a distant God. He cares about his people and his promises that he makes with people. When God says that he will make a promise he commits to it. In Genesis 12 God promises Abraham the gift of descendants and the gift of a nation. By the end of Genesis, we see that there are 70 descendants of
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