Old Northeast Community Garden

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Analysis This section will elaborate on the field research performed in the Old Northeast Community Garden for this study, discuss an informal interview with an Old Northeast Community Garden participant, and ultimately answer the thesis question presented in this paper. Because this project is based on qualitative research methods, this section will utilize first person narrative form. According to Marcia et al (2011), “Ultimately the goal of using composite first person narrative is to express the insights gleaned through qualitative research in a way that is accessible to others; in a way that will add to the knowledge of a certain phenomenon” (para. 50). The overall objective of this section is to provide ample evidence to properly analyze how participating in an urban community garden, specifically the Old Northeast Community Garden, influences views on gardening and perceptions…show more content…
To ensure anonymity, this participant will be referred to as “Maggie.” The following interview segment aims to support the argument presented above:
Question: Do you think participating in this garden has influenced your perception of nature?
Maggie: I mean… I guess so… for me, the garden is nature.
Question: Can you explain a bit?
Maggie: I don’t know... it’s just the sunflowers, and bugs, and sunshine… I feel like I’m one with Gaia [ancient Greek goddess of the Earth] when I’m here.
Question: So what does gardening mean to you?
Maggie: Gardening means relaxing with friends and destressing. That’s probably why I’ve been coming here for so long. I really enjoy it.
Question: Do you think participating in this community garden has influenced your definition of what gardening is?
Maggie: I think so. I never really thought about it before, but I didn’t really know what exactly gardening was before I started coming here, so I think participating has helped give me an idea of, like, what gardening

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