Old Spice Advertising

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. The target audience of the Old Spice advertisement are older men with significant others who need a good scent.

2. Detail one: I think this is the targeted audience because he speaks to the audience saying that you (speaking to males) could smell like me if you stop using the lady scented body wash. Saying to other men, stop smelling like a girl and instead use Old Spice and smell like a man. Detail two: At the end of the video there is a phrase on the screen that reads, "smell like a man, man." This clearly states the targeted audience because he is saying to all the men out there to smell like a man and be like me. He also says, "anything is possible when you're man smells like a man and not a lady." This phrase gives the man fear of his masculinity if he uses lady scented body wash.

3. The man in the Old Spice advertisement is shirtless and showing his muscles. He also has a deep voice. These are qualities our society tends to associate with masculinity, and makes the scrawny man watching this want to look
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The visual picture created in the Old Spice ad included getting out of the shower to the expensive boat, and then to a beach on a horse. Getting out of the shower represents reality, and getting out of the shower can apply to everyone. Then going to the beach and being on a boat can represent paradise and this may give the product more appeal with this type of a background rather than a non-aesthetically pleasing background. The props that are used in this visual include a towel, diamonds, clam with tickets inside, and the Old Spice product. The props used in the advertisement are all fresh, and clean and new. These items in a new condition suggest that using this body wash will make you smell as new as the products. The social meaning that we associate with these ritzy props include wealth, paradise, and cleanliness. The horse resembles being majestic and the background of being in paradise resembles serenity, peace and
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