Old Spice Case Strategic Marketing

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analysis for P&G management team of the case:

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

18 September 2011

Discussion agenda

Big Picture and how Old Spice campaign could influence it.
What are those business goals?

Old Spice marketing strategy – where to shoot?
Product line – who is the next ‘product hero‘ after the body washes?

Promotion and all about media and communication
Answering key questions: • Why campaign is succesful? • Should Old Spice campaign be continued? • If yes, within which strategic direction? Summary of marketing opportunities.

Cascading Business Objectives
Let‘s restore and speak about Old Spice ‘big picture‘ puzzle drawn on figure 1. BUSINESS GOAL & STRATEGY OLD SPICE
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Consu mer





Figure 2. Suggested for review main aspects of Old Spice Communication Strategy .

Consumer: expanded with introduction to woman  influence & main purchase makers

Creative: Winner of Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions IAF. Great scenery, copyright, team W+K, director and hero actor ‘ladies man‘ /‘OK‘ for man. Continuity, tone of voice  with respect, classy, yet ‘spicy‘ and cool; Opens and provokes dialog, switching on the viral trigger. Sexual, trustful, self-confident, carrying: finally man went out of bathroom to make her day! Brand identity touches: whistle, slogan: SMELL like a man, Man; RTB claim – genius: ‘I‘m riding this horse backward‘

MEDIA STRATEGY. What made the ‘Man that Your Man Could Smell Like‘ campaign so succesfull?
1st TV reel TV Super Bowl Viral 2nd TV reel YouTube/viral cinemas/TV On-line reels

Facebook/Twitter/ YouTube

Smart strategy allowed Old Spice to move from paid media into earned media where bran could increase buzz and continue dialog with target group. It looks like campaign was not planned in a such manner, but agency and management team found ways to react quickly while listening what people saying.

Old Spice became a pioneer brand at exploring such a succesful way of gaining consumer minds.
Smart approaches: • prioritizing 2nd spot with on-line – to show respect of on-line auditorium and test /‘get used to‘ such approach • possibility to
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