Old Teaching Methods and Technology are Needed in School

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When is comes to the topic of technology in schools, most will readily agree that it will be what the future holds in a modern school setting. With the years passing, technology has become more and more prevalent in schools around the country. Steven Johnson of New York: Basic claims that, “Writing an entire book by hands strikes me as being a little like filming Citizen Kane on a camcorder. You can make a go at it, of course, but on some fundamental level you’ve misjudged the appropriate scale of the technology you’re using”. What he is portraying is that using something other than technology in the school setting is a bit obsolete in today’s age. But then again, there are solid facts to contradict why the old method of teaching is still the best one. Teaching the old chalk and blackboard way does have it’s benefits to it, such as a more independent way of learning, and a more face-to-face way to communicate with the students that are also learning, instead of staring at a screen all day long. Both sides of this argument has valid statistics and positions, but it can be hard to tell which is the better choice for schools in the long run. Those unfamiliar with technology in schools may be interested to know that students with such access will be able to learn much easier and obtain information quicker. Technology can open up new doors to education to these students than ever before. A high school in Arizona has already shunned printed textbooks, using Apple’s iBook for
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