Old Testament Shadows Of Jesus

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OLD TESTAMENT SHADOWS OF JESUS There are many shadows of Jesus in the Old Testament. Many of which are prophecies coming to light and being fulfilled during Jesus’ life, but not all of the shadows are prophecies. Some shadows are people in the Old Testament who played important roles and were used by God to show parts of Christ in their own lives. People such as; Adam, Abel, Malchizedek, David, and Jeremiah were all shadowing Jesus somehow in the way they lived. Adam was the Covenant Head and let sin enter the world, Jesus sacrificed Himself to give us the ability to repent and enter Heaven for eternity. Abel was the first to die righteously, “The hostility that Cain directed towards his brother was ultimately meant for God.” Jesus was killed by man for the same reason Abel was killed, hatred towards God. Malchizedek was the first to become both King and Priest, in which no one has ever done before, Jesus serves as both the King and Priest just as Malchizedek did. David is probably one of the best examples of a shadow in the Old Testament, he was a shepherd and a great king, Jesus is a shepherd and is a great king. Jeremiah underwent death and resurrection, when he was put in a pit and brought back out. ADAM SHADOWING CHRIST Adam is the first shadow of Christ throughout the entire Old Testament. Adam was the first to sin and let it enter God’s creation. The only way to enter Heaven before Christ was to sacrifice a lamb and have faith in God until Jesus came down

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