Old World Wine and New World Wine

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Wines in the Old and New World Xuanyu Liu San Francisco State University Abstract The wines are divided into two categories, the old world wine and the new world wine. When Hugh Johnson came up with his concept of these two worlds, people have started to find out the differences. Wines are beverages of gods, and people enjoy them and have their own understanding of wines. The old world wines are traditional while the new world wines are modern. In this research paper, I will tell the difference(s) between these two worlds’ wines in aspects of their natures, cultures, histories, as well as their developments today. Keyword: new world wine, old word wine A movie called Mondovino(2004) by Jonathan Nossiter is a documentary on the…show more content…
For example, French people respect the spirit of Terroir. They believe the original land, soil, climate, and varieties of grapes are best represents of the wine and its culture, and the nature factors are the best to decide and embody the essence of wines. AOC system is the protection and interpretation of the traditional French winemaking philosophy. If people mix grapes from different geographical locations, it would be considered as the violation to the wine spirit and culture. If a wine used non-statutory variety of grapes, no matter how beautiful and tasty it was, it could not become the AOC level. The new world wines have more innovation and reformation in wine styles. People improve wines in the experiment. They use different varieties of grape and planting techniques, have the modern brewing philosophy and production organizations. The new world wines have really new faces, tastes, and qualities. For the New World, there is no heavy history and heritage; there are less experience bondage and concepts constraints. The legal philosophy restrictions are almost non-existent. Therefore, in the new world wine development, people are more creative and accept the spirit of the new things. Mechanical picking machines, peeling machines, thermostatic stainless steel fermentation
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